Rocking the Garden – Before and After

May 3 2018.

Last summer the sanctuary was under construction.  We added a sunroom and created a space underneath that would recieve very little sun and no rain.  The solution – a rock garden.

Last year’s before.





And now.


A different kind of flower.


I will be spending my mornings with this guy watching over me.  He does stand for contemplation and meditation – perfect for my quiet time.




April 26, 2018 – Nellie Moser Clematis.


A Swallow checking out a dilapidated birdhouse.

I imagine this swallow is the bird version of Joanna Gaines from the tv show Fixer-Upper.








The house might need work but the outside space is incredible!


Nelly Moser Clematis

First Flowers Of The Season

Week of February 19, 2017.  On this day the temps where almost 70 degrees.  Although I am usually thrilled when the temps turn warm, this February we have had many warm and sunny days and everything is blooming at least two weeks early.  I write about my concerns in my journal.  Quiet Time Journal: Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed

img_6907The afternoon sun shining behind the daffodil made it glow.

The forsythia bloomed last week, the first thing to bloom in my garden.  I do not care for the bush, it grows like crazy and becomes too big too fast, but I do like that they are the first bloom.  I keep one in a pot, where it stays contained.  I then ignore it for the rest of the year, but it is so hardy it survives.


Despite my concerns of losing everything when the weather returns to normal, the blooms do help me shake off the gloom of winter.