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Mother of 4 children who just found out that she loves to write and maybe has something to share. Life can be very busy and before you know it the day is over. I hope this blog will make me stop and find the quiet time to write. Life is better when you allow yourself the time to do the things you love.

Rocking the Garden – Before and After

May 3 2018.

Last summer the sanctuary was under construction.  We added a sunroom and created a space underneath that would recieve very little sun and no rain.  The solution – a rock garden.

Last year’s before.





And now.


A different kind of flower.


I will be spending my mornings with this guy watching over me.  He does stand for contemplation and meditation – perfect for my quiet time.




April 26, 2018 – Nellie Moser Clematis.


A Swallow checking out a dilapidated birdhouse.

I imagine this swallow is the bird version of Joanna Gaines from the tv show Fixer-Upper.








The house might need work but the outside space is incredible!


Nelly Moser Clematis