Mid May is the peonies’ time to shine here in East TN.  Right now their sweet perfume carries on the wind and I remember  why I love this flower.  I have forgotten about the ants who a  few weeks ago covered the sticky sweet buds.  And I will be cursing these flowers in a few weeks when I am cleaning up the dead blooms.  But for now, I am enjoying their beauty.

I am a haphazard gardener without records of what I planted, so I do not know the proper names.  I do have my own special name for each.

I call the following, Plastic Pink, because until you touch its petals it looks like plastic.

Peony side yard

It is the first to bloom and it pairs nicely with the early bloom purple (blue?) clematis.


This is Pricey Red, because I paid too much for it.  I am a bargain shopper and I splurged.  I had to wait a couple of  years for it to bloom.  It looks more like a purple pink than red.

red peony

I purchased the following two on clearance about ten years ago.  I divided them for the first time this past fall and now have many mingling  around my garden.

Blush Pink

blush pink

And Fluffy Pink

fluffy pink

The last to bloom is one that stands above everything in its little section of the garden.  It is guaranteed to be top-heavy and this year I have staked each of its booms.  I call this one the Tall Guy, but Crumbled Tissue paper would be fitting too.

Tall Peony

This is his domain

deck bed peony

Ants, staking and dead heading sounds like a lot of work, but somethings are worth it.


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